Deecommerce Co.,Ltd.

corporate social mission aimed at improving the quality of life, social Thailand as a green city social well-being in a concrete green community by educating the citizens to adjust to life in the balance. Bay nature Thailand perfectly geared towards environmentally sustainable green world is a tangible reality of each region are different to feature a clean, safe and cost-effectively with innovative, eco-friendly promotion. clean energy Renewable energy sources, the burden of the world to educate and promote healing and protect the environment by giving consumers access to biotechnology, food safety, product safety, human resources, and to enhance the quality of life in a sustainable society.

Role / roles

1. Research and Development Research and development projects.

Two consulting firms, business development, product development, etc..

3. Create a brand new product in the country and abroad.

4. As an importer of foreign goods, green products, energy security.

5. As a distributor with sales and after-sales service.

6. Joint work with the government and private sectors.

7. As a social responsibility to society.



Enhance the quality of life of Thailand adjusted life balance with sustainability principles.

Society being happy



In order to make the transition to a green way, it must have caused.


Acquire knowledge> and understanding, thus leading to abide by> then get the results and satisfaction.