2016-06-11 Mushroom Kingdom First Farmers Market

What a day! Mushroom Kingdom’s launch at Farmer’s Market yesterday was a whooping success with all our produce selling out within the first 2 hours! We were worried that the early downpour would dampen our spirit and derail our setup at Tanjong Pagar Railway Station, but visitors braved the weather and came down to give all the farmers their precious support. Thankfully, the rain subsided soon enough and the crowd starting pouring in. Throngs of people visited our booth to find out more about Mushroom Kingdom as well as try BETA Bakerie’s artisan bread. The atmosphere was abuzz with excitement when Mr. Chan Chun Sing, Jack Neo and his cast crew of “Long Long Time Ago” arrived. We were glad Mr. Chan Chun Sing took some time to visit and speak to all the booths, and we even managed to sneak a picture-moment with Jack Neo and his crew! As the day of light dwindled down, so did our stocks. We were glad our mushrooms and mushroom bread were so well received and this only serves as encouragement for Mushroom Kingdom to work even harder to bring only the freshest mushrooms for Singapore. All this would not be made possible without the support of our investors, partners, supporters, families and friends. We would also like to thank People’s Association and CDAC for allowing us to participate in this well-organized event. Please continue to keep a lookout for future events and updates by liking our page at: https://www.facebook.com/mushroomkingdomofficial Thank you!...  Read more

2016-10-29 Farmers Market at Tanjong Pagar Railway Station

" Reminiscing the good ol’ times at Tanjong Pagar Railway Station. It started off with a rainy morning but that did not dampen the mood of our visitors! This day marks the launch of our new packaging for our mushrooms! We are glad the customers are happy with our new packaging design as well as the increase of the weight per pack! “Value for money!” is what they said! Our mushrooms with new the packaging are available to Four Seasons Gourmet Market located Marina Bay Link Mall!"...  Read more

2016-06-26 Farmers Market at Teck Ghee Community Club

Mushroom Kingdom is back once again to bring you fresh, daily-delivered mushrooms. Another clean sweep for our produce at the Farmer’s Market! Due to our popularity at the last event, this time we brought even more stocks but it was completely sold out in hours. Master Baker Mr. William Woo from BETA Bakerie was together with us again with a different creation of artisan mushroom breads. The fragrant aroma was simply too tempting for the crowd and he too finished selling all of his bread. A marvellous day of fun and games was uplifted even further with the arrival of our Prime Minister Mr. Lee Hsien Loong. He gamely took selfies with every eager resident and interacted with all the vendors. Once again, a big thank you to CDC and PA for organizing a fun-filled event for everyone. Keep up the good work!...  Read more

2017-04-19 Farmers Market at Esplanade Park

Hello Shroomies! For the month of November, the Farmers' Market will be at Esplanade Park! Do visit our booth on 27th November, Sunday, 8am to 12pm, and check out the handpicked freshness we brought in for you! See you there!...  Read more