2016-11-24 Celebrity Chef Farm Tour Visit

It is our pleasure to have Celebrity Chef, Melvyn Lee, and his crew at our farm. It is definitely an advantage for any chef to get their hands on fresh ingredients to prepare their own exquisite creations for their customers. For Mushroom Kingdom, we believe that every chef deserve to have access to fresh ingredients and it is our pleasure that our ingredients are able to be crafted into tasty and healthy dishes when it reaches the golden hands of chefs. Have a meal at SOURCE! Experience a culinary affair where simple yet quality ingredients come together to visually and gastronomically stimulate the senses. Every item served here is Chef Melvyn’s passionate take creating unpretentious, unexpected dishes for the local palette, using ingredients sourced locally or around the region. They will consistently surprise you by bringing a new level of indulgence with comfort food for the soul!...  Read more