'My Mushroom Garden' Grow Kit

Ever wondered where the mushrooms on your plate comes from? Take control of what you put on your plate by growing your own food. Food does not get any fresher than this! Now you can grow your very own mushrooms straight out of this box! Simply add water, 4 times daily to this mushroom growing kit and watch as your mushrooms sprout within 5-8 days. ‘My Mushroom Garden’ grow kit will make an excellent gift and the whole family can join in the fun in growing mushrooms straight from home. Produce does not get any fresher than this! 100% Guaranteed to Grow!

Growing Tips

How do I know when it is the right time to harvest?

Unfortunately, not all mushrooms get to grow to it’s optimum size before they start to shrivel and dry up. So one reliable way to tell if your mushrooms are ripe for harvesting is to look at your mushroom caps. When your mushroom caps are flat, it is the best time to harvest them. If you notice the caps are starting to curl upwards, do not wait any longer! Harvest them now!

How do I harvest my mushrooms?

The simplest way is to use your hands! Grab the mushrooms by the end of the stem, twist and pull to pluck the mushrooms off. Do not leave any stem remains behind.

Why is there ‘smoke’ coming out from my mushrooms?

The ‘smoke’ you see coming out of your mushrooms are actually spores. Instead of seeds, they have spores that are attached in the gills of the mushrooms and are released when they reach maturity. So do not be alarmed! It is all part of the natural process.

What do I do after my grow kit is not growing anymore mushrooms?

Been harvesting a few cycles of mushrooms from the Grow Kit? Does it seem like no more mushrooms are sprouting? It would appear that you have exhausted your Grow Kit. But did you know that you can use the leftover nutrients from the grow bag within as fertilizers for other plants? Simply break the bag and mix the compost with the soil!

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'My Mushroom Garden' Grow Kit
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