About Us

The modern family today faces a serious dietary challenge. They recognize the need to eat healthily, but are often swayed to make unhealthy choices because healthy options are far more expensive, or are just simply not as tasty. This is why our team is making a promise to change mind-sets, as well as offer sources of nourishment through our products.

We are committed to our vision to be the trusted brand for healthier eating. We adhere to our mission to make healthy lifestyles easy and accessible for discerning families, with our range of innovative mushroom products..

We start fresh.

All natural goodness grown with zero chemical fertilisers and pesticides. 

We pack fast, ensuring food
of high quality and freshness.

Our mushrooms are packed in a cold room and transported by our very own
refrigerated Shrooms mobile!

We grow incredible food from our farms and to your plates.

Giving you food of high quality of freshness. We believe healthy eating should always be an easy choice.

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