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Uniquely produced in Kampot, Cambodia.
The World's Best Pepper.

Producing the best pepper in the World.

The amazing Kampot peppercorns are grown in the foothills of Kon Sat commune (Kampot, Cambodia). The local terroir and organic farming give rise to the amazing flavours in our pepper berries.

Types of Pepper

Top chefs and gourmets all over the world prize Kampot peppercorns for their unique flavour, which is a combination of peppery heat with a hint of cinnamon, jasmine and anise. However, each of Kampot's pepper varieties has its own additional individual flavour notes.

Black Pepper

The most common pepper, black pepper has a robust, smoky herb flavour that works best with red meats, tomato dishes and salads.

Red Pepper

Red pepper has a distinctly fruity flavour and flowery bouquet. This versatile spice enhances almost any dish, including salads, all meats, pasta/noodles, cheese and even desserts.

White Pepper

The rarest of all pepper varieties, white pepper imparts a certain 'Umami' character to even the simplest of dishes and works particularly well with fish, shellfish, white meats, and soups.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How long can the product be stored?

For food labeling purposes, we attach a use by date of 3 years for whole peppercorn and 2 years for ground peppercorn from the date of packaging. Under the right dry and cool storage conditions, peppercorns can keep fresh for many years longer.

Q2. Can I pre-grind and store it in a jar for later use?

Just like coffee beans, you get the best flavour when whole peppercorns are crushed or ground just before you use them. Pre-ground pepper may lose their flavour very quickly if they are not stored correctly in airtight containers.

Another convenient option is to purchase our pre-ground pepper blend (Kalyarn) which are sealed in a 2.5g pack to ensure freshness.

Q3. My old pepper smells musky but still looks ok, an it still be used?

This means the pepper is no longer fresh and will not add much flavour to your dish.

Q4. What is the best way to crush or grind whole peppercorns?

Your will get the best flavours by using the traditional Mortar and Pestle.

The next best option is to use either a good quality conical-burr pepper mill or coffee bean grinder. Please remember to keep the grinding burr clean and dry all the time to ensure the best quality ground pepper. 

Get ready to pepper up!

Organic Red Peppercorn (60g)
Organic Red Peppercorn (60g)
Organic Red Peppercorn (60g)

Organic Red Peppercorn (60g)


Red Pepper has distinct fruity flavours and a sweet aroma. This versatile spice goes with practically EVERYTHING, including salads, all-meat dishes, pastas/noodles, cheeses, and even desserts (like dark chocolate).

Organic Black Peppercorn (60g)
Organic Black Peppercorn (60g)
Organic Black Peppercorn (60g)

Organic Black Peppercorn (60g)


Black Pepper is probably the best known of the lot. It has strong herb flavours, a hint of flowers and some smokiness. Black Pepper is almost as versatile as Red Pepper and is widely used to provide colour and texture to meats, with a particular affinity for roasted red meats, tomato dishes, and salads.


Organic White Peppercorn (60g)
Organic White Peppercorn (60g)
Organic White Peppercorn (60g)

Organic White Peppercorn (60g)


White Pepper, the rarest of all the peppers, has the additional taste of citrus, herbs. It is able to impart a certain “Umami” character to the simplest dishes.  White pepper combines very well with fish, shellfish, white meat dishes, soups and stews.

Mini Grinder with Ceramic Burr
Mini Grinder with Ceramic Burr

Mini Grinder with Ceramic Burr


Customized mini pepper grinder with ceramic grinding burr. This convenient grinder has a thumbwheel to adjust grind size whenever you need freshly ground pepper.  In addition to pepper, it can be used to grind other dry spices too.

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