Raw Honey

is obtained by extracting the honey
from honeycombs & separating the honey
from impurities like beeswax & dead bees.
It is then bottled without any form of
commercial pasteurisation or filtration
allowing all the medicinal
& beauty benefits to be retained.

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Did you know?
Honey is the only natural food
which never spoils.

Health Benefits of Raw Honey

Treatment of wounds
& skin condition.

Studies have shown that honey contains very effective anti-fungal, anti-bacterial & anti-oxidant properties. It can be applied over the affected areas.

Combats respiratory diseases like cough & throat infection.

The dextromethorphan content of honey is considered by the World Health Organisation as a property in treating cough & throat irritations. Consumption of honey helps in soothing the upper respiratory tract & relieves cough.

Improves scalp condition.

Itchy scalp and dandruff are caused by Seborrheic Dermatitis and it has been proven that applying honey on the scalp for over a few weeks can help to eliminate this condition & improve the quality of the hair.

Builds up immunity system.

Honey when consumed for a long term can help to boost the immunity system against allergies. It contains small amounts of allergens that when digested, will help in building up the body’s resistance against it.

Boosts memory & energy.

Honey has been proven to have memory and energy boosting effects.
As there is no chemical or commercial processing in raw honey, it is an effective & healthier way to alleviate energy.

Increases white blood cells.

This is highly beneficial for individuals undergoing Chemotherapy. Consuming at least 2 teaspoons a day while undergoing chemotherapy treatments will help to keep the white blood cell count normal.

Helps in alcohol metabolism.

Honey can regulate the metabolism of alcohol, thus reducing allergies & intoxications caused by excessive alcohol exposure. It can also increase alcohol blood levels for the body to respond normally to alcohol.

Oh~ Sweet Nectar!

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