Dear Shroomies! There was a printing typo on the per serving size on the 50g mushroom chips. It should be 25g per servings instead of 50g per serving. Big thank you to our lovely fans for alerting us on this. The correct information is now reflected on our 50g packs! We apologise for the confusion caused and look forward to your continuous support :)

Brown and White Shimeji bundle (150g each)

Brown and White Shimeji bundle (150g each)

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Shimeji mushroom is known for its high therapeutic value with significant antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory, anti-tumor, anti-atherosclerotic, antihypertensive, anti-aging and cholesterol-lowering properties. 

This mushroom contains a high amount of nutrients mainly to polysaccharides as the active compounds. Other nutrients like protein, fiber, energy and low-fat content which is beneficial for those having noncommunicable diseases. 

It also contains potassium phosphorus followed by magnesium, zinc, and copper. 

Other than this it is also a rich source of ergosterol steroids, provitamin D2, riboflavin, biotin, and niacin.

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