Just Mesclun Salad with Sorrel Bundle (100g x 3)

Just Mesclun Salad with Sorrel Bundle (100g x 3)

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Just Mesclun with Sorrel contains a variety of lettuce, kale and sorrel. Refreshing and tangy with a tinge of sourness, it goes well with fatty fishes like salmon, and potato dishes such as potato gratin and potato soup. 

We believe in the original, natural taste of our produce, and this means that we don’t use any pesticides, preservatives or genetic modification. We use our knowledge and experience in crop science and engineering to grow our vegetables, so that we can maximize their freshness, retain their nutritional levels and accentuate their natural flavours. By lovingly nurturing our vegetables in optimal environments, we bring out their natural goodness for you to enjoy, just as it is.

Contains antioxidants, minerals and Vitamins A, B, C, D, E And K.

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