Leafy Garden Mix

Leafy Garden Mix

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We all know that dark green leafy vegetables contain vitamins and carotenoids which act as antioxidants to the body. Not only are they great additions in terms of colour and flavour to your meals, they are also refreshing to bite into and inhibits the growth of certain types of cancer.

We have carefully selected this garden mix to provide a family of 4 to have sufficient greens to last for 3-4 days so that you will have a variety to choose from while mummy decides what to cook!

Bundle consist of:

  • 300g of Kang Kong
  • 300g of Chye Sim
  • 300g of Bok Choy
  • 300g of Chinese Spinach
  • 300g of Kai Lan
  • 1 piece of Round Cabbage
  • 1 piece of Long Cabbage
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