Dear Shroomies! There was a printing typo on the per serving size on the 50g mushroom chips. It should be 25g per servings instead of 50g per serving. Big thank you to our lovely fans for alerting us on this. The correct information is now reflected on our 50g packs! We apologise for the confusion caused and look forward to your continuous support :)

Organic Sun Muscat on Vines (120g)

Organic Sun Muscat on Vines (120g)

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The Sun Muscat are produced from a contemporary grape variety that is unique to Australia. The Sun Muscat represents a new generation of grape that is young and energizing, with a distinctive sweet floral aroma and refreshing mild taste. Enjoy as a healthy snack, as part of a cheese plate, or pair with your favourite wine.

Normal Storage: Store in a ventilated, cool, dry place, free from infestation, odours and extremes of temperature and humidity. Product to be stored 8º –14º Celsius.

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